Revolut, Degiro, and eToro Tax Report

Tax-Wizard helps do your Tax Report calculating dividends, acquisition, realization, and capital gains for Revolut, Degiro, and eToro users

Tax-Wizard: Revolut, Degiro, and eToro Tax Report with Stock Statements

Tax-Wizard, a tool to Calculate Trading Profits for Revolut, Degiro, and eToro users

Profit Calculation

Profit Calculation

This tool reduces the time you'll need to spend calculating your profit to zero. Doesn't replace an accountant.

Validate the results

Validate the results

The tool will give you the data about your profit, certify the results with your accountant.

We don't keep your data

We don't keep your data

After all the math using the Revolut, Degiro, and eToro Statements that you upload the files will be destroyed and no transaction data is kept

Fast and Easy - Plug & Play

Fast and Easy - Plug & Play

Submit the files and instantaneously receive the results, no configuration needed.

Trading Tax Reports

Easy tax reports

Tax-Wizard was developed to make reporting stock trading taxes quick, easy, and accurate for Revolut, Degiro, and eToro.

Capital-gains report

Have access to the full capital gains report in BGN, CHF, CZK, DKN, EUR, GBP, HUF, NOK, SEK, USD.

Platforms Supported

Tax-Wizard is developed for Revolut (Stock Trading) and Degiro.
Degiro is in Beta mode - Stocks Only.
More platforms are being added such as eToro and Trading212.
Do you use another one? Contact us: hello [at] wizardstork.com


Easily generate tax forms.
Tax-Wizard supports ready to deliver Tax Forms for Portugal.

How much is your time really worth?

With this tool you'll spare a lot of time that would take you to manually process Revolut, Degiro, and eToro Statements.
(price per fiscal year)


25 €

All features, for Revolut, Degiro, and eToro accounts

  • Support for all Revolut, Degiro, and eToro currencies
  • Export CSV with all Acquisitions and Realizations
  • Automatic calculation of capital gains
  • Transactional statistics
  • Export to Yahoo Finance