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These terms automatically apply to all users of Tax-Wizard. Please read them carefully before utilizing the provided features.
WizardStork reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of Tax-Wizard when necessary, and it is recommended to regularly review them.


Access to Tax-Wizard's contents is granted through the purchase of the tool. Tax-Wizard operates on an annual payment basis - it is not a subscription, and there are no automatic charges for future years of tax declaration filling.
Any individual user can create an account to utilize Tax-Wizard.
For business, a separate account type has been launched. Companies cannot use the individual option but must use the business one.

Data Generation and Export

Data generated by Tax-Wizard undergoes several phases:

1. Analysis of statements from Revolut, Degiro, eToro, XTB, Trading212, Interactive Brokers, Lightyear, and/or Trade Republic converting them into an intelligible format using our algorithms.
2. Processing each line of statements and their values.
3. Calculating each transaction based on the activity, quantities, and values mentioned in the statements.
4. For Portuguese Members only: Completing the IRS Declaration for Portugal, dependent on the submission of a valid Pre-filled Declaration, with Appendix J, Appendix E, and Appendix G added and completed.
5. Exporting multiple files during and after processing.
For currency conversion, we utilize data from Banco de Portugal with 3 decimal places.
The tool's logic was extensively verified by the development team, independently confirmed, and cross-checked with hand-calculated extracts.
However, this does not imply the absence of errors or bugs that may arise during development. Therefore, the information provided on the platform or through exports, including the completed IRS Declaration, does not replace confirmation by the user and/or a professional.
Hence, utilizing this data without confirmation is the user's responsibility, not WizardStork or anyone related to Tax-Wizard's creation.


Registration requires entering the user's personal data, namely email and name. Registration grants access to the functionalities.
By registering and logging in, the user agrees to:
- Acknowledge that registration implies reading and understanding the contents of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy and Cookies Policy.
- Grant access to essential personal data, including name and email.
- Accept responsibility for the data inserted during registration and its maintenance.
- Maintain personal and non-transferable records without sharing them with third parties.
- Refrain from damaging the reputation of Tax-Wizard, WizardStork, or any users, including attempting to breach system security or misuse commercial or advertising messages.

Contact and Clarification of Doubts

For any questions or suggestions regarding our Terms & Conditions, contact us at hello [at] wizardstork.com.

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